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10 Improved features with

Since the start in 2015, Vitamin Manager has tailored daily dietary supplements for thousands of customers. The company’s convenient home delivery packages are appreciated by customers across the entire Nordic region. Along with the introduction of its newly developed platform, Vitamin Manager now launches 10 new features that make the company’s offering even easier, smoother and more tailored.

– We have invested a lot of time and resources in making these improvements and are happy about the results. We believe the future is customized and the nutritional supplement customers will want a product that fits their needs and lifestyle. With our new features the customer will get an even better experience and extra fun is of course the fact that we now deliver to Europe, starting today, says Jojje Borssén, CEO Vitamin Manager. 

Here’s the 10 upgrades of

1. Dynamic pricing

Now each unique delivery is priced based on what your mix consists of. This ensures that customers always get a fair price. Our regular D-vitamin tablet is cheaper than our more complex Magnesium Pro Athlete, and therefore our customers should get a price that matches the content in their personal mix.

2. Easier payment

With integration with Klarna (Swedish customers) and DIBS (International customers), it’s now super easy to pay and keep track of invoices and payments.

3. Delivery from Sweden

After being Åland-based, Vitamin Manager now delivers from Sweden. With our new partner, our customers can expect faster and more secure delivery. 

4. Delivery to Europe is now also available as an English site for easy and smooth ordering and delivery to European countries, including Sweden.

5. Make one-time purchases

Sometimes you want a trial before you start subscribing. And now can buy your personal mix as a one-time purchase. A few percent more expensive than monthly delivery, but with the same smooth delivery. 

6. Improved overview in ”My Account”

We strive for the clearest and simplest customer experience as possible, which is why we’ve improved ”My Account”. Features like previous deliveries, next delivery date, personal mix and termination, are now readily available here.

7. Sign up longer – get better deal

When checking out you can choose four options to purchase your personal mix:

a) One-time-purchase; Most expensive option
b) On-going subscription; Less expensive option
c) 3 months subscription; Better price option
d) 6 months subscription: Best price option

8. Updated Personal Data Policy

We updated our personal data policy to ensure your data is safe with us.

9. Clearer product illustrations

Just a small but nice update. We wanted make it even easier for you.

10. Faster site


With previous site some of our customers experienced some delay in processing their orders. This is gone now.