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About us

Since 2014 Vitamin Managers’ goal has been to help every unique person get the right vitamins. Using our unique health test, we create an individually tailored combination of vitamins, minerals, oils, herb extracts and boosters. We specialize in selling safe and pure vitamins directly to consumers from trusted manufacturers from Sweden and Europe. Our motto is – don’t just eat anything – eat what you really need.

What is Vitamin Manager?

Vitamin Manager is a subscription service that can be started or cancelled at any time. Your subscription starts the day you take our health test or choose your own mix. Your subscription is valid until further notice. Payment is via credit card. You will receive your first delivery of your customized vitamins within 14 days of ordering.

There are three ways of buying your customized mix of daily supplements from Vitamin Manager:

  1. By doing our convinient health quiz.
  2. By choosing your own mix.
  3. By purchasing single mixes (no subscription created)

All Vitamin Manager orders are packed as daily sachées.

Each package contains one month’s supply of vitamins (28 day packs). Our prices always include VAT.

Pause / postpone delivery

Your subscription can be paused. You can also choose to postpone your next delivery. You can do this by calling or e-mailing our customer service. Customer service information can be found below.


If you want to cancel your Vitamin Manager subscription, email with your name and email address. Your termination will be confirmed by us within 48 hours (during regular business days) but is valid from when we received your email. Termination of your subscription should be made at least ten days prior to your next delivery to avoid future delivery and payment.


After your order, an order confirmation will be sent to your specified email address. The order confirmation also includes a link to the full terms of your purchase. Your delivery will reach your mailbox within 14 days after we have received your order and contain a month’s worth of daily doses. The shipment is sent as a letter to your home address and is narrow enough to fit in your mailbox and through most mail slots. After that, you will receive a shipment every four weeks.

Should the package arrive at the post office and not be picked up after notification, Vitamin Manager reserves the right to charge the customer for our costs. These costs correspond to the actual costs of returning the package, a service fee and handling. In case of a delivery delay, you as a customer have the right to cancel the purchase at no cost, unless you accept a new suggested delivery time. If the company cannot fix the error within a reasonable time period, and delivery time is essential, you as a consumer have the right to cancel the purchase.


Payment is made with our card service provider. You will receive your first delivery of your customized vitamins within 14 days of your order. Our pricing is dynamic witch means that each unique customer migth have different prices depending on what customized mix of supplements the’ve gotten / choosen. Each package contains one month’s supply of vitamins (28 day packs). We have SSL Certificates.


All our prices include postage. At present, we ship to Europe within EU/EES.

Age restrictions

Our offers are only valid for persons over 18 years of age. Otherwise, permission from legal guardian is needed to order from us.

Right of withdrawal

Consumers normally have a right of withdrawal (right of cancellation) within 14 days of completed delivery, but since all of our products are uniquely designed for you, carry your name and are manufactured to order, you do not have the right of withdrawal in accordance with the exemption to the right of withdrawal, see the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act (2005:59) Chapter 2, Paragraph 11, sentence 3: “refers to a product that has been manufactured according to the consumer’s instructions or which has otherwise been given a distinct personal touch”. Otherwise, we follow Swedish business practices and laws, as well as the National Food Agency, Sweden’s regulations for food supplements.


Complaints must be made as soon as the damage or error is detected. Point out any defects within a reasonable period of time. The right to claim ends by law three years after the customer has received the goods or when the expiration date has been passed. In case of a dispute that we are unable to resolve together, we recommend that you turn to Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes). VM International AB always follows their recommendations.

Returns may not be sent C.O.D. (cash on delivery) or collect. The customer must contact Vitamin Manager before the claim is submitted at If approved, Vitamin Manager pays for the shipping and return shipping. If the complaint is not approved, the customer will be charged SEK 99 for shipping back to customer. In case of dispute we refer to the European Commission Online Dispute Resolution and Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes), Box 174, 101 23, Stockholm, Phone: +46 (0) 8-508 860 00) as well as our email


As a customer, you have the right to have your money refunded within 30 days of the date your complaint reaches us.

If the company undertakes redelivery or rectification of the fault in the event of a complaint, any shipping charges shall be refunded within 30 days of the date at which the company has received the product.

Personal data


Customer service

Whatever your question, you can always email You will receive an answer within 48 hours. Customer service has a lot of experience with our products and can therefore easily answer questions about them and how they work for you and your specific situation. Customer service can also help you tailor a subscription that suits you. You are always welcome to ask questions and give us feedback. We at Vitamin Manager want you to feel satisfied and receive supplements that are as personalized as possible for you and your lifestyle.

VM International AB | Box 16 318 | S-103 26 Stockholm
Phone: 020-191 444, weekdays 13-15

CEO: Jojje Borssén
Corporate identity number: 556995-4158
HQ: Stockholm
VAT ID: SE556995415801


We protect your personal integrity and strive to always safeguard your personal data in the best possible way and to comply with applicable laws and regulations governing personal data protection. This policy will help you understand what personal data we collect, how it is used and what procedures we apply to your personal data.

Also read our terms of purchase.