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Vitamin Manager is listed as one of 24 carefully chosen companies on Invest Stockholm’s Hot List. Together with companies like Coala LifeWerlabs and MedUniverse, VitaminManger is listed as a hot tip for investors. In November 2017, Invest Stockholm released its report Health Tech Business Opportunities in Stockholm-Uppsala along with a Hot List of carefully selected life science companies worth investing in. One of the 24 companies on the list is Vitamin Manager.

Vitamin Manager är med på Invest Stockholms Hotlist
Vitamin Manager är med på Invest Stockholms Hotlist

The report focuses on the e-health sector in Stockholm-Uppsala and the unique business opportunities that exist in this industry which enjoys a strong upward trend in health tech investments. To qualify for the list, companies must, according to the report, “offer a product or service based on unique research that is expected to lead to a commercial solution with global potential”.

“Again, we are being noticed for our innovation among many other fine companies. We are flattered that Invest Stockholm recognizes the scalability of our business, the opportunities for the customer and of course our innovation in a traditional industry. We are encouraged by this nomination and continue working on our plan for a European launch in 2018”, says Jojje Borssén, CEO of Vitamin Manager.

Invest Stockholm’s motivation:

Vitamin Manager

Challenge: No two people are alike. And everyone has unique nutritional needs. Yet vitamin supplements are traditionally sold in “standard” batches that don’t take into account people’s differences in goals and lifestyles.

Solution: Vitamin Manager is a fully customized supplements program that takes the guesswork out of deciding what supplements to take and when.

Based on the results from the company’s online supplement configuration engine, or an optional blood test, Vitamin Manager offers personalized daily doses of vitamins, minerals, oils, boosters and herb extracts. Using modern pharmacy technology the company is able to produce over 1 million combinations to get the right tailor made supplement for each customer in order to optimize effectiveness and avoid overdosage. Vitamin Manager’s customers receive practical daypacks as well as the monthly delivery direct to their mailboxes. All Vitamin Manager’s supplements are produced in Sweden and follow EU’ regulations on nutrition and health claims set by the European Food Safety Authority (Efsa). The company is founded in Sweden.

Read the report in its entirety:

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